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In recent years, there has been a significant growth in the field of mobile computing. The main aspects of this growth were the new innovations in telecommunications technology, operating systems, and database management for mobile devices and personal assistants. Mobile computing is considered one of the newest specializations in the Information Technology College at the University of Tripoli and one of the latest trends in information technology, relying on the rapid development of mobile phones and cloud computing.

Recent research and studies have shown that mobile and cloud computing will radically change the electronic interaction pattern of companies and institutions. Therefore, the college has adopted this specialization for its unique advantage and scarcity of specialists in it, to meet the needs of the market. Through it, outstanding graduates will be prepared and qualified to compete locally and internationally in developing applications in the field of mobile computing. The preparation of its curricula took into account sources and associations such as ACM/IEEE and the oldest universities in the world, as well as the community's needs in the field of mobile computing.

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Mobile computing is one of the most recent majors in the Faculty of Information Technology at the University of Tripoli, and one of the latest trends in information technology based on the rapid development of mobile phone devices and cloud computing....


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