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The College of Arts was established administratively in 1996-1997, after the human and material components of the College of Education, which was abolished in 1999, were transferred to it (the College of Education was established in 1965 and was called the Teachers College in the city of Tripoli, and in the year 1967 the college was joined to the Libyan University under the name of the Teachers College, then Later, the name of the college was changed in 1970 to the College of Education, then the name was changed in the year 1989 to become the name of the College of Education to the name of the College of Applied Social Sciences, and in the year 1996, Resolution No. 1377), and thus the College of Arts is an extension of these colleges and this history.

Then some departments were established later, in addition to the creation of a branch of the college in the Al-Sawani area under the name (College of Arts - Al-Sawani Branch). Through the diversity of educational specializations and curricula, the college - with its two branches - has become contributing to providing distinguished education in various fields of human sciences, developing thought and creativity, and preparing national competencies capable of contributing to national development programs, and conducting scientific studies that contribute to community service and solving its problems.

The college includes (12) scientific departments, namely: (Arabic language - Islamic studies - geography and geographic information systems - history and archeology - philosophy - sociology - counseling and psychotherapy - social service - libraries and information - English language - tourism studies - psychology)

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Master - Translation studies

The aim of Translation and Interpreting postgraduate Programme is to train our students to become well-equipped and competent translators and interpreters...

Master - Library and information science

The program seeks to qualify distinguished professional cadres in the field of libraries and information capable of meeting the needs and requirements...

Bachelor - Philosophy

Since the establishment of the Department of (Philosophy) at the University of Tripoli as one of the departments of the College of Education in 1971-1972...


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Halima Mohamed Ali Elwahawah

Halima Elwahawah is one of the staff members at the department of 2 faculty of 13. He is working as a since 2017-09-07. He teaches several subjects in his major and has several puplications in the field of his interest.

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