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The Faculty of Arts campus welcomes you to its premises. It is one of the faculties of the University of Tripoli. The Faculty effectively preserves the identity of the Libyan society according to the established principles and values ​​derived from the Holy Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Prophet. While preserving our Arabic language and the Faculty of Arts seeks to achieve the goals of distinguished university education, modernization and development of training for educational programs and academic courses in various disciplines to keep pace with global development. It maintains international quality standards. The Faculty continually updates its future plans to increase the link between the development of science and the needs of the Libyan society. This prestigious institution of higher education confidently deals with the future challenges by matching training and scientific research to realistic needs that meet all demands of the community.


This webpage of the Faculty provides an opportunity for students and researchers to easily access the required information. It will hopefully fill the void as it an important tool for information and communication. With this, students can effectively communicate with their instructors. The webpage is a gate of strength that keeps obstacles away from the Faculty’s progress.   


The vision of the Faculty of Arts is based on:


1- Diversity and integration of disciplines, programs and curricula in various fields of the humanities.


2- Proficiency and innovation in education and scientific research, based on the highest standards of scientific quality.


3- Effective contribution in serving societal, cultural and humanitarian issues.


The Faculty of Arts contributes to the development of society by preparing scientific cadres that are highly competent in their various specializations by offering tailored academic programs. It qualifies students in to continue scientific research to meet the requirements and needs of the labor market while adhering to Islamic values and community norms.


The Faculty of Arts aims at:


·         Preparing students' academic environment in a systematic manner and developing it in accordance with educational quality standards.

·         Encouraging students to acquire the principles of scientific research and critical thinking.

·         Providing advisory and research services to all community institutions in Libya.

·         Consolidating the relationship between the Faculty and other educational institutions inside and outside Libya.

·         Contributing to spreading social awareness, making individuals aware of their social roles and raising their cultural level in a way that serves society's needs and preserves its heritage and values.

·         Providing postgraduate programs that qualify researchers for conducting studies.

·         Enriching the cultural and intellectual life of the society through authorship, translation, publishing, mass media, conferences and non-traditional education programs.


It attempts to achieve these aims through:


·         Continuous development of programs and study plans, while adopting all updates in the field.

·         Linking scientific disciplines to the needs of the labor market.

·         Employing theoretical and applied course projects for community service and environmental development.

Expanding opportunities for student participation in community activities.

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