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I would like to express my pride in belonging to the department of History in the faculty of Arts...

The  department of History is one of the first programs that was established at the Faculty of Arts and the University of Tripoli.

The courses and scientific curricula, are polished and emanating from discussions in scientific meetings.  The  department of History includes the best  staff. They have scientific experience and scientific work in all disciplines; Antiquities, the ancient, the mediate, the modern, and the contemporary.

many generations graduated from this department, they practice their specialization in many scientific and educational institutions, and jobs in historical and archaeological centers and archives, and in the political-diplomatic corps.


Achieving excellence in the field of education and scientific research in historical studies at the national and regional level, and working to strengthen the position of the department as a reference for historical knowledge based on scientific thinking, analysis and criticism to contribute to the consolidation of knowledge and community development.


The Department of History seeks to consolidate moral and human values in understanding the dimensions of reading and writing history: national, Arab, and foreign in its various styles, to build a generation that is aware of its past, senses its present, and plans for a better future. He deepens his national, national, and religious historical identity, and contributes to weaving human civilization and building relations of cooperation and coexistence between nations, peoples, countries, and continents..


  • Preparing students and rehabilitating them as researchers in the science of history.
  • Preparing students for educational, leadership and service positions in the field of education and in other fields.
  • Preparing researchers and specialists in history / ancient - middle - modern and contemporary.
  • Activating the role of students and researchers in the study of history to contribute to deepening the relationship between the science of history and the rational and human sciences.
  • Motivate students to pay attention to historical studies, and prove their role in contributing to the writing of Libyan, Arab and foreign history.
  • Familiarizing students and researchers, especially at the university level, with Libyan history, the history of the Arab world and the Mediterranean basin, Arab-Islamic history in addition to African, European, American and Asian history.
  • Pushing students and researchers in postgraduate studies towards the quality and originality of scientific research by delving into specialized studies, and writing valuable scientific research to create a generation of distinguished researchers in history / ancient, mediaeval, modern and contemporary
  • Creating research fields in the science of history, dealing with the study of human life in the global, environmental, temporal, social, economic, intellectual, cultural, and other aspects.
  • Re-reading the history of Libya according to a new vision that contributes to rewriting it and ridding it of impurities.
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    We are proud of what we offer to the world and the community




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