Department of Religion Principles Sharia Sciences Faculty - Souq Aljuma

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Khamis Abdullah Naser Ennajeh


Doctor of Phiosophy

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After more than three years as a lecturer in the College of Sharia Sciences - Souk Al-Jumaa - a faculty member: Dr. Khamis Abdullah Al-Najah is now working full-time as a lecturer in the same college, supervising graduation projects for fourth-year students, and working in a committee reviewing the research of the conference: “Atheism Contemporary: Reasons and Ways of Confrontation”, December: 2022.


Before joining the University of Tripoli; Dr. Khamis Abdullah Al-Najah graduated from Suqur Al-Fida High School in Al-Andalus District, in the year: 1982, and completed his undergraduate studies at the Al-Asmarya University for Islamic Sciences in Zliten, Department: Da’wah and Fundamentals of Religion, and there he graduated in the year: 2001, then he continued his studies, and completed his master’s degree in the same Al-Asmariya University for Islamic Sciences in Zliten, year: 2008, then he continued his studies and began studying at the stage of a doctorate; Year: 2010, and he obtained his certificate in year: 2019. During this stage, he took over work at the Rehabilitation Institute at the Islamic Call College, as a teacher of the Arabic language for two years.

Then he cooperated with the College of Islamic Call from the academic year: 2019 - to the year - 2023.

Research Interests

Dr. Khamis Abdullah Al-Najah worked on some research: he published A scientific research in the Journal of the Islamic Call College, Issue: Thirty-fifth, entitled: “Imam Ibn Abd al-Barr’s Defense of Hadiths by Imam Malik, which was highlighted by Imam Muslim in his book Al-Tamiseem - The Approach to the Two Imams and Al-Tarjih” Year: 2021.

A scientific research was published in Al-Tibyan Magazine, Faculty of Arts, University of Tripoli, Libya, Issue: Fourteen, entitled: “The Impact of Joking on the Fairness of the Narrator in Critics of Hadith,” September / 2022.

A scientific research was published in the Journal of the University Forum, Faculty of Arts. Bani Walid, entitled: “The hadith of the trustworthy narrator on the authority of his sheikh. Trust between denying or forgetting the sheikh – collection, study and analysis –” Issue: Thirty. September / 2022.

External Activities

Over the years of demand; until appointment at the University of Tripoli; Dr. Khamis Abdullah Al-Najah carried out some educational activities, including, in summary: Teaching the Holy Qur’an in the Abdul Salam Al-Sharif Mosque, years: 1982 - 1988, and he was a member of the arbitrator in the Qur’anic and Hadith competition held by the Islamic Call College 2021, and he was a member of the arbitrator in the Qur’anic competition Held by the University of Tripoli, Libya, April 2022.

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د. خميس عبد الله نصر الناجح (9-2022)
مجلة المنتدى الجامعي للدراسات الإنسانية والتطبيقية, 30(1), الصفحات 121-164